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Client Praise

“The food was amazing. You’ve more than lived up to your notices.”

– Clive Davis, Music Producer, NYC, In-Home Event Guest

“The food was DELICIOUS this week. The salmon was out of sight and the kebobs and saffron rice were so, so good. Really enjoyed having the salad and crudités as well. Wonderful meals.”

– Alicia, St. Paul, MN, Personal Chef Client


“Everyone had so much fun at your Vegan Summer Harvest Cooking Class. The food was truly amazing. I’m sure I’ll be making those spring rolls for years to come!”

– Mary, Sag Harbor, NY, Cooking Class Client & Host


“We had a small wedding ceremony in our home that Renee catered for us. Multiple guests had dietary restrictions, which she easily and effortlessly accommodated. The food was absolutely amazing and each guest commented on how great everything tasted.”

– Alli and Chad, Edina, MN, In-Home Event Clients


“We were given a small, catered dinner party as a gift, to be prepared by Renee Faucher, aka the Invisible Chef. Before the event we discussed the date, time, preferences, etc. The day of the event went very smoothly thanks to how well prepared Chef Renee was. Renee was immediately comfortable in our kitchen and after a brief consultation took over. We enjoyed the appetizer as the meal was prepared. The length of time between appetizers and the salad course was just as we agreed upon. She didn't rush us but when we were ready for the next course se served it immediately. For all of this I would give her an A. But it was her personality and the marvelous food that made the meal memorable. Renee is an experienced, accomplished chef who knows how to prepare and present food for maximum flavor and appearance. Would I have her prepare a meal again? Absolutely! I am looking forward to hiring her again in the future.”

– Sue, Minneapolis, MN, Gift Certificate Recipient 

“I hired Renee to cater an in-home dinner party for about 50 people at my house. I can’t rave enough about the fantastic job she did to make my party an absolute success. Renee is a delightful person and totally professional. It truly was like having an invisible chef in the kitchen! I would highly recommend her for any occasion, from day to day meal preparation to any special event.”

– Robin, Plymouth, MN, In-Home Event Client


“There’s something special about your food. You’ve got the magic touch.” 

– Robbie, Bridgehampton, NY, Dinner Party Client 

“My wife and I first hired Renee to do a multi-course dinner party for friends at our house. We are passionate about food and wine, so our choice of chef was very important to us. As soon as we met with Renee, we were sure we had found the right chef. The dinner could not have been more successful. Renee and her staff took over our kitchen and executed the meal flawlessly. They also left the kitchen spotless at the end of the evening. Our guests were delighted, as were we.”

– Glenn, Minneapolis, MN, In-Home Event Client


“Every dish you make is the best version of that dish I've ever had.”

– James, NYC, Private Chef Client

“Renee has a gift and talent with meal preparation and is able to adjust to particular dietary requests. Moreover, we would recommend Renee for high-level corporate entertaining and event catering. Her meals, menus, and service rival the best chefs and restaurants in the Twin Cities.”

– Kari, Wayzata, MN, Personal Chef and In-Home Event Client

“I so enjoyed your amazing salmon, pesto and quinoa dinner last night and if I closed my eyes I could’ve sworn I was at a 5-star restaurant! It was such a tasty and healthy meal and thought to myself this is exactly what our family has needed.”

– Britt, St. Paul, MN, Personal Chef Client

“Renee is now my go-to resource when I want to have a party and really be able to relax and enjoy the event. Renee is a very creative, talented chef, and a delight to work with. She really listens, and then works to create a menu and an experience to meet her client’s vision.”

– Lisa, Minneapolis, MN, In-Home Event Client


“We are truly enjoying all the dishes prepared from your last visit. It really is a luxury to come home and have a wholesome healthy dinner ready in just minutes.”

– Ann, Minneapolis, MN, Personal Chef Client

“Great service and food. Loving how seasonal the menus are!”

– Greg, St. Paul, MN, Personal Chef Client

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