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“Thank you for making beautiful meals for our family. They are delicious, healthy and perfectly planned around our food sensitivities.” 

Tracy, Wayzata, MN, Personal Chef Client

Clean Food Creative

In a nutshell, my food philosophy is that it is possible to eat for pleasure as well as for the well-being of both the body and spirit. What that means to me:


  1. Food ought to look and taste good. I mean really, really good!

  2. Good health is gold, and a health-supportive, clean diet is integral to that.


Where it gets fun is proving that the former never has to be at the expense of the latter.

A New Direction

In the past several years, I have become specialized in cooking for people with food allergies and sensitivities. I’ve always been interested in food and healing, but it was my own struggle with chronic illness that truly put me on the health and wellness path- you can read more about that here. I’ve drastically changed my diet to adapt and my version of clean eating means a gluten and dairy free diet, as well as corn-free, low or no sugar, and increasingly grain-free.


For me it's all about feeling good, and my cooking is ever-evolving according to that standard. I like to focus on what I can have, and have happily discovered that restrictions are not a limitation to creativity, but a boon.


I have also learned that everyone is different and there is no one way of eating that will be right for everyone, given each person’s unique combination of genetics and underlying health issues, not to mention tastes and preferences. What is important is finding the right path for you and getting on it through a combination of clean eating and healthy living.

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